Painting Fulfills Connor Fogal’s Creative Potential


Connor Fogal exits the van at the start of his workday.







One bright Saturday morning, a burgundy Chrysler van pulls up to the Generator’s entrance. The logo for a blog called Mylow (My Life on Wheels) appears on the side doors. Riding in its backseat is Connor Fogal, an artist who manages the blog and creates paintings of landscapes, friends, and family- with a twist.




Fogal’s work-in-progress as well as his special head brush are prominently positioned on his easel.

As Fogal was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at an early age, he is confined to a wheelchair. He has to enter the Generator by heading up a ramp and going through one of the loading dock doors rather than the main entrance.




Fogal serves on the Board of Directors at Creative Potential and contributes to the organization’s other projects.

Once at his workspace, Fogal creates his paintings by using a special brush attached to his head.

Two years ago, in an effort to expand his reach in the community, he partnered with Creative Potential, which works to create toys, puzzles and other activities for children.


Fogal talks with his assistant, Spencer Allen, at their work space.

The organization’s founder, Spencer Allen (who also drives the van Connor uses to get to and from his workspace), began working with Fogal in 2015, and has admired him as a fighter.


Fogal and Allen began working together two years ago.



“He doesn’t complain, he doesn’t lament his situation, he just looks at it as a challenge that he can overcome,” Allen said.


Fogal usually ends his blog posts by proclaiming, “Cerebral Palsy will not stop me!”


While Fogal may be occupied by his painting work, Creative Potential recently aimed for something bigger: they entered the 2017 Vans Custom Culture shoe design contest, with the aim of winning $50,000 for Wooster High’s art program.

Although they fell short of that goal, Connor Fogal and his team at Creative Potential (including Spencer, Hannah and Alex) can hang their heads high knowing that the work they produce brightens young minds every day.


Paintings and shoe designs are just two of Creative Potential’s many child-centered projects.


Click here to listen to an audio interview with Spencer Allen, accompanied by photos seen here as well as Soundslides exclusives.


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